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The news about TPE overmolding you have to know

28 Dec 2016 - Thermoplastic Elastomer,TPE material
TPE is a compound material which based on SEBS with great performane. When you need overmolding, injection molding, double-shot molding,TPE is the best choice for you.

<1>The main advantages of TPE(thermoplastic elastomer) applicated to overmolding

1.1 TPE can be applicated to overmolding.
1.2 We can adjust the hardness of TPE so that it can fit your products.

1.3 Common processing methods:overmolding processing. The commonly final products including handle, wrap, electronic materials, etc


<2>.The types of overmolding

2.1 Adhesion to PP
2.2 Adhesion to PS
2.3 Adhesion to ABS
2.4 Adhesion to PC

<3>Common problems and solutions

3.1 Shorts–Increasing the temperature and the pressure of injection processing.
3.2 Split sewing—Reduce the temperature of injection and increase the clamping force.
3.3 Dull surface–dry the materials before injection.
3.4 Product variants–Strengthen the capacity of mold cooling.


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