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The Characteristic of Thermoplastic Elastomers for Eraser

28 Dec 2016 - Thermoplastic Elastomer,TPE material
TPE raw materials can be applied in eraser-Can you think of it.

1.The main component of TPE eraser.

It is the blending-modification thermoplastic elastomer which is based on SEBS

2. The basic characteristic of the TPE eraser

Appearance:natural color plastic granules which can be injected molding directly.It has somthing elasticity of rubber but the effect wipe is better than rubber.


3.The environmental protection of TPE eraser

Eraser of thermoplastic elastomer materials is environmentally friendly than soft PVC..TPE has so many good features,such as:no bad smell,non-toxic,halogen free.What is more,TPE for eraser can easily pass EN71,ASTM,F963,ROHS,REACH.

4. Processing characteristics of eraser

Injection molding directly,processing temperature:120℃-150℃.good flowing,easy to color,easy to processing,easy to oil injection.


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