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TPE car mats VS PVC car mats

25 Oct 2016 - car floor mat,tpe,thermoplastic elastomers,gainshine tpe
In recent year,many countries requirment on interior air quality is higher and higher.The demand of low emission environmental protection material will be continue to expand.

Volatile substance in the car, such as benzene and formaldehyde,after inhalation within a short time,the role of the central nervous system anesthesia.Can cause coma, respiratory failure and death in some serious cases.If you intake toluene, xylene for a long time which can cause chronic poisoning, headache, insomnia, listlessness, memory loss and other neurasthenic syndrome.car floor mat

The improvement of air quality in the car depends on the development and use of low emission environmental protection materials to a large extent. At present automobile market, a new type of car floor mats – TPE car floor mats was gradually rise in the market.

The shortcomings of traditional car mats

1.PVC car floor mats:PVC itself has bad smell, and add plasticizing agent and stabilizer in the processing.Therefore, PVC car floor mats gradually be faded out the automotive supplies market.

2.Rubber car floor mats:Bad smell,Aromatic oil and curing agent/antioxidant in the processing of rubber are toxic, if you intake for a long time,it will harmful for human body.

3.Fabric car floor mats:good decorative effect,high rank.However this mat is easy to stick dust, easy to breed bacteria

The advantages of TPE car floor mat

TPE car floor mats:use the raw materials of Thermoplastic elastomers(TPE) which is based on Environmentally friendly substrate.To ensure the safety of non-toxic.TPE material of raw materials by the authorities of the third party testing, not containing phthalate plasticizer, not Containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (clan) PAHs, does not contain nonyl phenol (NP), does not contain bisphenol A, not containing xylene and formaldehyde and other toxic volatile substance. Comply with ROHS environmental standards, in line with the SGS testing.


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