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Soft TPE / TPR have a great development in plastic imitated flowers / plants

22 Dec 2017 - plastic imitated flowers,tpe

Most of the imitated plants are made of plastics. Traditional materials are mainly EVA, PE and PVC. However, in recent years, PVC has been exposed to contain poisonous plasticizers, and carcinogenicity when burned, thus is rarely seen in plastic plant-imitating products nowadays. The more environmental-friendly material, Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE & TPR) gradually began to be used in plastic imitated flowers and plants.

Compared with PE and other plastics, TPE / TPR are generally used in leaves or flowers of soft and meaty plants or of those larger in size. In choosing TPE / TPR for production of imitated plants, the following aspects should be we should be concerned:

Glossiness on Surface

1. Customer’s requirements on product appearance should well be understood. - glossy or matte - in order to select the right TPE / TPR grade;

2. Processability

The appropriate TPE / TPR grades for best melt flow rate and processability should be chosen basing exactly on the size and structure of product sample, in order to ensure smooth process. Qualifying TPE / TPR grades should not shrink, burr, or incur shot shortage. The right TPE, TPR grades should be easily processed, released and have fast processing cycles. These are critical in grade selection;

3. Environmental requirements

Customer’s environmental requirements should well be clarified and considered as an essential factor when choosing TPE / TPR grades.  Is RoHS or EN71 required? Whether exclusion of phthalate plasticizer 916P or Nonyl Phenol, etc. is required?

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