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How to identify the TPR sole

28 Nov 2016 - identify
TPR soleEach TPR is the most common and most common materials.

But in daily life, many people do not know this pair of shoes to wear on the foot Is it right? Belongs to what we say TPR material, then I will teach you a few strokes of the most simple method of identification.
To find TPR first and other different outsole material to distinguish. Such as PVC and PU or rubber etc..

1, there are a lot of people can’t tell PVC and sole actually these two kinds of materials easy to recognize TPR, PVC, TPR to be heavy in the hand than the sole material. The elasticity of the sole TPR material is better than PVC, is the most simple method, the sole firm hold, the natural fall if you can bounce back word is TPR, PVC. Material sole is TPR cheaper, but quality is not good, especially in the winter, very easy to break the bottom.

2, the identification of rubber bottom is also very simple, Rb bottom has a characteristic that is not an injection hole, and the nose to smell it, taste put longer words will long color to white material things. The surface of the sole is light, TR 3. Compared with the general TPR sole to some hard. Multiple injection hole injection holes TR TPR is very special. In fact, is not difficult to recognize these materials contact more, see at a glance soles will know what is the material of the.

Summary: in short, as long as you combine several appeal list, plus daily of careful observation and experience it is not difficult to identify.


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