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Do you really know the difference between TPE and TPR?

20 Dec 2016 - difference,between,really
difference between TPE and TPRBoth TPE and TPR belong to the Family of Thermoplastic Elastomers. At present there is no defined industry standard, so many people are confused about them. TPE and TPR are certainly different.

TPE is the abbreviation of "Thermoplastic Elastomers".
TPR is the abbreviation of" Thermoplastic Rubber / Resin"

TPE are modified from SEBS base material, while TPR are usually modified from SBS.

SEBS is the product of hydrogenated SBS ("hydrogenation" means molecular hydrogen is introduced into unsaturated molecules in the special reaction conditions, making the molecular structure become saturated). SEBS is with a saturated molecular structure, and its anti-aging, yellowing resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance is better than SBS. Therefore the related performances of TPE are also better than those of TPR. 

The difference between TPE and TPR: the surface of TPE is matte, with light astigmatism, but the particles of TPR have reflective glossy surface, reflection is obvious particularly on transparent TPR. TPE feel smoothly and comfortable, but TPR are somwhat more viscotic, especially when temperature is around 30 to 40 deg C. TPR are usually used in products on which gluing with adhesives is required, such as shoes, handicrafts, toys and dolls, etc., because of the tight bonding TPR can achieved with adhesives, while TPE almost do not react with adhesives. TPR are also suitable for products on which coloring or glossy surface are required. 

TPE and TPR have the flexibility of plastics and rubber. The unsaturated molecular structure of TPR molecules is similar to that of rubber, therefore they feel elastic as rubber does. Combustion difference between TPR and TPE: TPE will release thin smoke from burning, while TPR will release relatively thicker and darker smoke from burning.


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