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19 Oct 2016 - mattel,TPE

One of our most globally well-known partners – Mattel is a trustworthy customer, who was looking for TPR materials for toys. We provided their toys production branch in China with star-grade TPR GR-060A. As a result, the toys were a big hit for its shiny appearance, easy dyeing property and odorlessness. We earned a good reputation from the customer.

I remember when I was young, when it comes to toys will think of PVC toys, because it was like to bite, mother always education I said, do not play this toy is not good for the body, I was very difficult to understand. Today, even though yet to respond to a curtain call was slowly being replaced by TPR material, so why PVC toys will be replaced by a kind of new material, he is how to do this?toys

PVC material has the advantages of low cost, convenient processing variety, easy color, soft to the touch, but such excellent material is by customs Yahuo or stranded, wasn't allowed to go out is not allowed to enter, and TPR material can in customs pass unimpeded.

TPR soft material using environmentally friendly plasticizer modified, do not add toxic additives, halogen free, non-toxic combustion. Conform to RoHS, does not contain 6P16P, does not contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs, does not contain nonyl phenol (NP), does not contain bisphenol A, in full compliance with European Union EN71-3, EN71-9, American astm-f963japan and toy industry standard.

At present, the toy industry with the PVC price of about 11 yuan a kilogram, while the current toy industry with the mainstream price 18~22 yuan / kg, PVC 1.2~1.4, TPR in 0.9~1.1, the proportion of TPR. So from the cost considerations, TPR material in addition to the natural advantages of environmental protection, but it is not as good as the price of PVC, but why more and more people choose the TPR material, you understand?



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