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19 Oct 2016 - Rubbermaid,TPE

Our company have designed innovating formulas, as well as produced a brand new folding basin bowl for them. Why us? It is the key reason that TPE overmolded on ABS is no easy project, but with our engineers’ efforts, we finally made it.

GainShine TPE has a high compatibility with polyolefins (PP, PE, EVA), particularly with polypropylenes, also glass-fiber reinforced.rubbermaid

SEBS based TPE “for adhesion onto PP”, available in a wide range of hardness and density is suitable for the production of bi-component manufactured goods.

Besides adhesion, Franplast- TPE guarantee safety, softness, more comfort and ergonomics, flexibility, insulation, shock or vibration absorption and anti-slip properties.

These features turn out extremely interesting for the production of industrial wheels (castor wheels), tool handles, gaskets for food containers, gaskets for masks, toothbrushes, shavers and other objects dedicated to personal and baby care.


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  • Building 3, Tangqian Industry, Zhangge, Guanlan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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  • gainshine@gstpe.com

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