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Bai Le

19 Oct 2016 -

The most successful of our TPE in the categories of applications is sexual products, accounting for 70% of China market. The renowned manufacturer – Bai Le keeps doing business with us continuously for the production of masturbation cups, dildos, etc. The products feel so softly with high transparency, high elasticity, and a touch on the virtual skin that other TPE manufactures just can’t do.reach.sex toys

In the shortest way to descirbe what TPE material, it is a material that combines both thermoplastic and rubber. This material can be made to a very soft and jelly form or to a very hard form of plastic. Most vibrators that are TPE are jelly and rubber like. Depending on the type of toy, the material compound can be the softest of a 0 compound to the hardest compound of 65. There is a lot of science involved in the making of these materials, but in short, when you are looking to purchase a vibrator, dildo, or any other toy, odds are you want it to be soft and life like. With that being said, TPE is the most reliable choice. Vibrators and Dildos with TPE are generally going to be very soft, flexible, and hold elasticity. TPE toys will need to be covered at all times when not in use and need to be stored out of heat, as the material will turn to jelly.


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