Looking for a soft, good touching, durable, easy-to-process thermoplastic elastomers for your new or existing product?

What is a TPE?(Thermoplastic Elastomer)

FACT: The average person uses a TPE five times before lunch

GainShine TPEs are rubbery, flexible materials that withstand repeated stretching for thousands of times without deformation of the shape of the part permanently. Unlike thermoset rubber, TPEs do not require curing or vulcanization since they are true thermoplastics. TPEs can be used in various major molding methods: injection, extrusion, blow molding, and overmolding to create durable, long-lasting parts. TPEs can be very rigid or very soft and gel-like. GainShine TPEs as soft plastic materials have widely been used in thousands of products.

TPE material


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GainShine Thermoplastic Elastomers

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GainShine provides some of the broadest selections of TPE formulations in the industry. Are you seeking for soft, colorable, durable, easy-to-mold rubbery materials for your new designs or ongoing productions? The addition of TPEs to your products can make a significant difference, boost the attraction of an existing product or simply replace an unfavorable, out-of-date material in its composition and ultimately expand the product's service lifespan.


TPEs - Universally Used and Globally Demanded


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